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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Hot Phoenix Months

There’s no doubt about it, living in North Phoenix means looking forward to warm days exploring the valley of the sun with your dog. However, living in North Phoenix also means those “warm” days can quickly turn into triple-digit days where the temperatures are hardly bearable. We know you want to get out there with your pet and enjoy the beauty of our community, but when the summer months roll around and the temperature continues to rise, here are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to your pup’s health and wellbeing! 


Keep Your Pet Indoors

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but if it’s a sunny afternoon in North Phoenix and the temps are rising with each hour, the best advice for keeping your dog cool is simply keeping them home and indoors. Your Acero North Valley apartment has air conditioning that will keep your fur baby cool and comfortable. Sometimes the best thing you can do is say “Sorry little one” and leave the leash, and the pup, at home.

Have Plenty of Fresh Water

If you do, however, decide to venture outdoors with your pup when it’s warm out, always be sure to have plenty of fresh water available for them. Pro tip: always bring more than you think you’ll actually need! This is the best way to be prepared. Your tail-wagging companion has a coat of fur layered on them, meaning keeping them hydrated and their internal temperature as cool as possible is one of the best ways to avoid overheating in hot weather.

Know Your Pet

Your dog is most likely one of your best friends, so you probably know all about them. Their age, breed, general health; these are all things you should consider when it comes to heading outdoors in the heat! Similar to humans, the young, the old, and those with health conditions are extra sensitive to heat, so keep these in mind when deciding if your pup needs to join you on today’s adventure.

Protect Your Pet’s Paws

Let’s say you started your walk at 7 or 8 a.m. when the temperatures were just right. Then, after a few miles and a couple of hours later, the sun has risen and it’s beating right down on you and your furry friend. Their paws are not invincible, and just like we need shoes, they need booties! A great investment if your pup is outdoors often in the summer heat is paw booties. These act as shoes for your dog’s paws, protecting them from the scorching hot pavement, and if you live in the valley of the sun, we recommend not leaving the house without them.   

Pay Attention to the Time

As I briefly mentioned before, it can be easy to lose track of time, and all of a sudden it’s warmer outside than you expected it to be, and your pup looks exhausted. When determining if you’re bringing the dog with you, pay extra attention to when and where you plan to be. Typically the coolest part of the day during the warm Arizona months is the early morning, getting increasingly warmer with each passing hour, and even lasting late into the night. Check various weather apps to see what the temperature is expected to be throughout the day before you leave, and as we are confident you already know, never, ever leave your dog in the car. If it’s expected to get hot, and you don’t really have a plan for the day or know when you intend to be home, simply leave your furry best friend in your cool, air-conditioned Acero North Valley apartment. 


We know it’s hard to leave your dog at home when the sun comes out, but when you live in North Phoenix, sometimes that is the best thing you can do. Keep these tips in mind as the temps start to creep up here in AZ, and share this blog on Facebook or Instagram with your fellow pet parents! If you liked this blog, stay tuned for more like it, here. See you next time!