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Local Museums with Online Learning Opportunities

As COVID continues to disrupt our lives on an unprecedented scale, there are many things that still have to continue. One of those things is the education of our children as we transition from a typical school day to a stay-at-home learning environment. Thankfully, many museums in the Phoenix area offer online learning opportunities so you and your kids can have all the materials a usual school field trip would provide! We’re going to highlight a few of the most popular local museums that are providing these learning opportunities.


Arizona Science Center


One of the best online learning experiences around has been created by the Arizona Science Center. What they have done is essentially created science material that can take the place of in-class experiences so your student doesn't have to miss out. With a weekly curriculum, recorded lab experiments, and engaging activities, this is a great place for your kids and even you to review scientific material. 


Click here to be taken to their homepage.

Musical Instrument Museum


The Musical Instrument Museum is nationally recognized for its collections of over 8,000 instruments from more than 200 countries. For online learning, they have created virtual field trips that provide a great alternative. Here is a list of the virtual field trips they offer which all come with hands-on activities and videos:


Heard Museum 


The Heard Museum, founded in 1929, focuses on the preservation of American Indian art and has some unique resources. They offer courses on American Indian life and history as well as videos that go in-depth on each of the 22 active Arizona tribes! It’s a great way to learn about our local history.

With the virus keeping us at home for longer than we expected, online learning is going to be essential for the long-term development of our kids, and what better way to do it than to use local museums. These resources are at your disposal and are a great way for you to bring the classroom and the field trip right into your home!