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3 Ways to Help Calm Your Pets During Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July weekend is upon us! This weekend is sure to be filled to the brim with food, sunshine and fireworks. And while these might be a few of our favorite things, our four-legged friends tend to fear one of them greatly. As we look forward to the Independence Day celebrations, pet owners quickly realize that cats and dogs alike are not the biggest fans of the firework shows that come with the holiday. Today we are highlighting three simple ways to help keep your furry friends calm as Fourth of July fireworks get underway this weekend. 

Play Music or Leave the TV On

One of the easiest ways to help calm your dog or cat as the firecrackers and roman candles start filling the sky this Fourth of July is by playing music or leaving your TV on. If you don’t plan to be home, this is a great way to provide additional noise that will hopefully mask the sound of the small explosions outside. Additional sounds like those of people talking on a TV show or music will make the loud noises from the fireworks seem like less of an immediate threat or sudden sound, and rather seem as though it is part of whatever might be playing that they would be more accustomed to hearing. 


Take a Walk 

If you have a dog, take them for a walk early in the day. Take a route that is a bit longer than your typical neighborhood stroll, in hopes that it will tire them out and once the evening rolls around they will be more likely to sleep. We recommend taking your walk earlier on Saturday morning, this way you are less likely to run into fireworks being set off while you and your dog are out. Once back at home, ensure that plenty of food and water is available to them (maybe even their favorite toys or a treat) throughout the day and into the night as well. If you know a long walk isn’t enough to wear your pup out, play fetch, tug of war or partake in more activities that will get them tired and wanting to sleep when the fireworks start. 


Make Space for Your Pets to Hide

Whether or not you will be home the evening of the Fourth of July, be sure to leave a safe space for your cat or dog to hide/burrow if they do end up getting frightened by the fireworks. Maybe your dog has a certain blanket they love or favorite toy to cuddle with; or your cat likes to hide under the bed with the lights off. Allow access to these hiding spaces or comfort items so if your pet becomes distressed, they can seek their form of protection. 


Additional Tips:

- Keep your window curtains closed, minimizing flashing lights in addition to the sound of fireworks.
- Keep your patio door closed. The last thing you want is your pet scared and running out onto the patio, where the flashing lights and firework sounds are amplified.
- Stay home with your pets. If you know that your cat or dog’s anxiety is a problem due to fireworks, stay home with them. This way they will feel safe and protected, more so than if you were not there!

As this Fourth of July kicks off we hope that you will find these tips helpful for keeping your four-legged friends calm as the fireworks commence! If you know other cat or dog owners who would find this blog helpful, share it with them on Facebook or Instagram. And while you’re at it, keep following the Acero North Valley blog here for more posts like this one.